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Booking Conditions

Andorra-Holidays is here to help you have a great holiday. All our staff have lived and worked in Andorra for many years and can always advise you. Should you have occasion to telephone us you will always be answered by someone qualified to help you - and there are no call-centre runarounds! However, there are always conditions to be followed, so please read all the conditions carefully before making your orders and/or bookings.


  1. Orders and bookings are made by you. All dates and details are given by you. All selections are made by you. So, please check that you have entered all these correctly before you buy. Reminder: When ordering tickets or vouchers for any activity, such as skiing, your start date is normally the day after you arrive in resort.
  2. You are presumed to have contracted Travel and Accident Insurance covering you in the case that you cannot arrive as planned or cannot use the products you have ordered as planned. No refunds can be given, except where Andorra-Holidays is manifestly at fault or cannot arrange for the supply of any product or services as ordered.
  3. Should you believe that you have any genuine or valid claim, within the conditions below, concerning the quality or incorrectness of any product supplied by us or ordered through this website, you must quote your order number in any communications with Andorra-Holidays.



www.Andorra-Holidays.com and www.Ski-Andorra.com are trading names, trade marks and internet domains owned by Servissim S.L. licensed to - and operated by - SOSA, registered in the Principality of Andorra with the registration number 923769W and hereinafter known as "the Company". Our registered address is at: Carrer la Grella, Baixos, Arinsal, AD400, Andorra.


  1. Essential Conditions

    When you make an order, reservation, or booking with the Company, or give any instruction to the Company, you are agreeing to all the clauses of this agreement, identified under the letters A to J.
    In particular, by ticking the relevant box on the order form you agree to - and entirely accept - the following essential conditions:

    1. That these conditions are the sole basis under which you make your purchase order.
    2. That you have read and fully understand these conditions and the Additional Terms of Use of this website appended below.
    3. That you have studied and accept our Privacy Policy
    4. That you are over the age of 18 years and have the legal capacity to accept and agree to this service contract.
    5. 5. That, when making any booking or order for services or products which are designed for, or restricted to, persons of a certain age, you agree to indemnify and absolve the Company from any liability in the case where there is any error, deliberate or otherwise, in the declarations made by you concerning the age of any person obtaining any service or product via this website.
  2. Agency details
    1. All products are sold and all arrangements made on your behalf are strictly on an agency basis. This means that the Company acts as agent in representing the products and/or services of the particular product or services provider and your contract for the provision of those products and services is with the relevant product or service provider. As agent we accept no responsibility for the actual or physical provision of any product or service.
    2. When you book through this website you are also effectively entering into a contract with the service provider and are subject to their conditions of trade, which may or may not limit their liability to you. Via the Company you may request a copy of the service provider’s conditions before booking any products or services and we advise you to read these carefully before making any order or booking, because you and the Company are bound by them.
    3. Because your contract for products or services is with a third party, the Company does not accept any liability for any third party’s failure to perform its contract with you and thus any claim should be addressed to the contractor in question. In this respect it is always recommended that this be done immediately and whilst still in resort, so that any complaint or dispute can be resolved speedily. The Company will of course assist its client in making any representations it believes are appropriate, but cannot be held liable for any failure in resolution.
    4. Your contract with any product or service provider is made effective from the moment we issue any voucher or formal advice of reservation to you.
  3. Vouchers and Payments
    1. In the case where you have paid a deposit, the balance of any order must be paid in full 30 days before arrival in resort, otherwise the deposit will be lost and your order will automatically be cancelled. The Company will use its best endeavours to contact you, by means of the contact details given at the time of the original order, to remind you of your commitment to pay the balance by the due date, but cannot be held liable should such a reminder not reach you before the due date for payment or should we not be able to contact you.
    2. You can request to change any detail of your order at any time up to 30 days before arrival in resort by sending the Company an e-mail. There is a standard administration charge of 25,00€ per product or group of products applicable. Any changes must be confirmed in writing by the Company, otherwise your original order will stand.
    3. You are advised to check thoroughly that all the details of any product or service voucher or formal advice are correct, especially in regard to names, ages, dates, qualities, quantities and any other information required at the time of booking. Any errors or omissions should be reported immediately to the Company and the Company cannot accept liability for prejudice caused to you by any failure to do so in a timely manner.
  4. Insurance
    1. We earnestly recommend that you take out travel and accident insurance (including cover for winter sports or dangerous sports risks, where applicable) before booking any products or services and to carefully check the cover offered. In any event, you are at all times presumed to have previously contracted travel and accident insurance covering you in the case that you cannot arrive as planned or cannot use the products you have ordered as planned. No refunds can be given, except where the Company is manifestly at fault or cannot arrange the supply of any products or services as ordered. All ski lift passes are sold without insurance, except where specifically purchased via this website.
    2. Always bring your policy document and details with you on holiday.
    3. You should note that many insurance companies quote freephone or even toll numbers for use when making claims, none of which can be accessed from Andorra. You are strongly advised to contact the insurer before departure on holiday to ascertain their fixed phone number so that in case of a claim, you can avoid being considerably inconvenienced.
    4. You can obtain sports accident insurance as a supplement to your lift pass via this website or from the ticket kiosk at any access point at Vallnord or GrandValira mountain stations and the conditions and cover of this insurance will be supplied to you at the time of purchase. However, please note that:
      1. this insurance will not cover you for any other risks.
      2. this insurance must be taken out before passing though the station entry point on the first day, otherwise the cover is null and void.
  5. Cancellations by you
    1. If you order any products or services and have paid our standard deposit you may cancel at any time before the due date for payment of the balance. Your deposit will not be returned and will be used to defray any cancellation charges imposed on the Company by the product or service provider and you will have no further liability to the Company.
    2. Once any product or service has been paid for in full, our standard policy is that no refunds will be given by the Company and you should apply to your insurance company for any reimbursement due under your policy (see Clause 1 under Insurance above).
    3. In certain special circumstances and at the formal and detailed petition of the client, the Company may decide, at its entire discretion, without prejudice and with no legal obligation in this respect, to reassign part or all of any monies paid as a credit to some future order for services or even make a goodwill gesture to the client. In the case where that discretion or gesture were to involve return of any monies though the credit card system, you should be aware that in order to combat fraudulent use and claims, any such return or reimbursement will always be subject to strict checks, especially on the validity of the original transaction, with special reference to the potential cloning of the card originally used. These checks can involve delays of up to 4 months from the date of the original transaction.
  6. Cancellations or restrictions in service from a service provider
    1. The Company will take all reasonable steps to notify you as soon as possible should any product or service provider seek to cancel or amend any details of its products or services and we can accept no liability for failure to make contact with you or your failure to respond.
    2. The Company will assist you in obtaining reasonable satisfaction and/or alternative products or services, but has no legal liability in this respect.
    3. It is occasionally the case that a service provider will be obliged to restrict access to its facilities due to adverse weather conditions or to perceived threats to your personal safety. Such restrictions may be initiated by the service provider itself or by local or government authority. Any request for compensation for loss of enjoyment in this respect should be addressed to the particular service provider. It is to be noted that ski stations and other facilities open to the public have standard policies in this respect and these are prominently displayed at the facility. Equipment providers do not normally reimburse hirers for loss of enjoyment or "downtime" as a result any such closure or restriction in service.
  7. Accuracy of Information and Availability
    1. All photographs, designs and representations of any product on this website are purely for illustration purposes and do not purport to be true likenesses of any product or service.
    2. The Company is not liable for errors and omissions in the description of any items offered for hire or sale, but every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of all information and representations.
    3. All products and services are offered subject to availability.
    4. Where applicable, all accommodation is offered and rated according to the official ratings issued by the Ministry of Tourism, Andorra Govern, as advised to the Company by the establishment concerned. Any discrepancy or apparent misrepresentation should be reported to the Ministry of Tourism, Andorra Govern, or taken up with the establishment concerned.
  8. Complaints
    1. If you have a complaint about any product or service supplied under your contract with any product or service provider, you should take this up with the relevant provider immediately and in the case that you remain unsatisfied you should report the circumstances to the Company as soon as reasonably possible. Most complaints can be sorted out quickly and efficiently on the spot, whereas there is very much less chance of you obtaining satisfaction once you have left the country and returned home.
    2. The Company will offer its full assistance in making representations to the relevant provider involved but cannot be held liable for its inability to resolve any dispute.
    3. You should bear in mind that every trading establishment in Andorra must, by law, provide official complaints forms to, and accept back from, any aggrieved client. Failure on the part of any trader to deposit a copy of an official complaint form with the respective Ministry is an offence.
  9. Unforeseen circumstances

    The Company cannot be held liable in any way for unforeseen circumstances manifestly beyond its control. This is generally known as force majeure. Such risks could be (for example, but not limited exclusively to): strike, industrial action, accident, riot, war, flood, avalanche, fire, explosion, plague, terrorism, impassibility of roads, electrical power cuts, disruptions in communications and evacuation and other executive orders from any authority.

  10. Jurisdiction

    In the case of any unresolved dispute, discrepancy, error or omission in these conditions, the sole competent jurisdiction is that of the Courts in the Principality of Andorra and you as the Client and we as the Company hereby expressly and formally submit ourselves to their decisions, arbitrations and/or judgments on any matters arising between the parties to this agreement.

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