Andorra’s fabulous hot-spring spa centre

A visit to Caldea is a must for the whole family. Hot springs, icelandic ice baths, jacuzzis, hydomassage jets, indo-roman baths, turkish baths, saunas, vapour room, massages, beauty treatments... and a whole lot more.

So, how does it work? Well, you can always just go on the off-chance and as long as they are not full at that particular time then fine, but to avoid disappointment it’s best to make a booking by clicking on the link below. Normally, you get a three-hour visit for your entrance fee and then just explore to your heart’s content, although you can get a reduced-rate two-hour visit at 20h00. Caldea closes at 22h00 every day.

Most of the regular bus lines from the resorts pass close to Caldea, so if you haven’t got a car, it’s not that difficult to go there by public transport. Just ask the driver to tell you when to get off, by saying ‘Caldea’ and smiling! Just don’t forget that most bus lines finish at about 21h30, so if you come out later than that, it’s a taxi which will cost you about 15-20€ depending on the resort.

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