From the terminal, follow the sign to Toulouse Centre, then the blue signs to A61/A62. The signs then turn back to green and you pass the AIRIUS building on your right. Follow green sign to AUCH TARBES then D901 TARBES LOURDES MONTPELLIER. After that the blue A61/A62 signs reappear. Follow those until the motorway splits and take the right hand fork A61 FOIX TARBES. You are now on the A620 leading to the A61.

Now you have to make a decision. You are either going to take the motorway route to Foix (marked FOIX (Péage) MONTPELLIER ALBI (which is longer, involves faster driving, more fuel and costs you the toll as well) or you are going to take the Route Nationale (RN) marked A64 E9 FOIX par RN. Quite honestly, there is not much in it, in terms of time. The RN sometimes takes about 15 minutes longer but is much more interesting. The motorway route is, frankly, boring. It’s up to you. Both routes eventually join back up again just before PAMIERS. Follow the signs to FOIX then ANDORRE LA V. via the Foix tunnel and onto TARASCON. Now see below under From TARASCON.


On exiting the airport bear right on the Route de Montréal, straight at the roundabout (UCCOAR building on left) and then continue on the D119 to MONTRÉAL, FANJEAUX (very interesting but beware narrow streets in the centre) and then on to MIREPOIX. Coming into Mirepoix ignore TOUTES DIRECTIONS to left and go straight into town, so you can stop and admire one of the finest mediaeval town squares in France. Coming out of Mirepoix, past the cemetery, go straight on at the roundabout and follow D625 to LAVELANET. At the roundabout in the centre of Lavelanet, bear right onto the D117 FOIX MONTGAILHARD and follow right through to Montgailhard. At the roundabout there. follow signs ANDORRE via dual carriageway to TARASCON.


Now for the tough bit. Follow green signs to ANDORRE LA VIELLE via AX LES TERMES (where you can bathe your weary feet for free in the open hot water springs near the roundabout - great fun!). Once you are out of Tarascon it is mostly single carriageway and on Saturdays and Sundays there can be a lot of traffic coming the other way (both when you are arriving and when you are going back home) so take it easy. Past Ax les Termes, it is a very winding mountain pass and it is quite likely that you will need chains in winter. Do not be fooled by the mileages shown on the signs. The mileages apply to the distance to Andorra la Vella, so knock off 28 kms for the distance to the border if you’re anxious!


Once you pass customs and arrive at the roundabout just before Pas de la Casa, if you are staying there, go straight on. For all other places in Andorra it is advisable to take the (toll) tunnel to the right, especially in winter because the pass above the town goes up to 2.400 metres. The road thereafter goes through, Soldeu, Incles, Ransol, El Tarter, Canillo, and on to Encamp. After Encamp, if you are going to the Vallnord resorts of Arinsal, Pal and Arcalís, use the new toll-free tunnel (1km after you exit Encamp) and avoid Andorra la Vella. At the big one-way system in La Massana, follow the signs right to Ordino or left to Erts, Arinsal and Pal.


Exit the airport following the sign to A9, straight at three roundabouts then follow sign to BARCELONA NARBONNE PERPIGNAN CENTRE. Follow signs to A9 BARCELONA until you see a green sign ANDORRE. Bear right and then right again when you see the sign GERONA ANDORRA la V. Then follow the signs to ANDORRE via PRADES, VILLEFRANCHE, MONT LOUIS to BOURG MADAME. This is not an easy drive up the long valley, so take care.

Entering Bourg Madame you must make a decision: Only if you are going to PAS DE LA CASA itself, should you follow the green sign pointing right to ANDORRE la V. Take the (toll) tunnel after La TOUR de CAROL. This a high mountain pass route and you are likely to need chains in winter.

For any other place in Andorra, including Soldeu and Canillo, go straight over the river into PUIGCERDÀ in Spain and follow the signs to LA SEU D’URGELL, via BELLVER DE CERDANYA and MARTINET. At La Seu d’Urgell keep on the by-pass up the hill and then bear right to ANDORRA . You will be 8kms from the border. Once in Andorra, follow the signs to ANDORRA LA VELLA and then choose ENCAMP FRANÇA for Encamp, Canillo, Soldeu and the other GrandValira resorts or LA MASSANA ORDINO for the Vallnord resorts including Arinsal, Erts and Pal.

Total driving times from any French airport are a minimum of 3 to 3½hours, depending on resort.