NATURLÀNDIA and the Tobotronc at 5,3kms long the longest toboggan in the world!

Naturlàndia is Andorra’s nordic-skiing resort and nature activities park in the southern parish of Sant Julià, just before you get to the Spanish border. Apart from all the other fun activities available, the Tobotronc is by far the biggest draw. Getting there by public transport is probably a step too far, since it would involve at least three buses, but if you have a car a visit to Naturlàndia is an absolute must. Park at the lower station, which is about 8kms from the town of Sant Julià and get on the Tobotronc from there.

It takes about 15mins to be pulled up in your toboggan to the top of the run, where you then get off. At this point you can either take a walk to see all the other activities, do a bit of Nordic skiing, hurtle down the snow slide and of course go and see the animals, or you go round to the front of the Tobotronc and prepare yourself for the most exciting toboggan ride of your life!

Just click on the video link below and prepare to be thrilled before you even get there! Unfortunately, though, only kids who are taller than 1m20 (4ft) can ride on the Tobotronc.

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